Christy Eldridge

Head of School & Program Development

Dennis Eldridge


Erin Johnson


Brookhaven is a family owned and operated business. Christy Eldridge is Owner/President/Founder of our school. We have been in session since 2005 for many successful years. Christy has 30 years experience in Early Childhood, Kindergarten, After School, and Summer Camp. She was a Kindergarten teacher at North Belmont Elementary, Assistant Director/Lead Teacher at Saint Francis Day School, then started Fellowship Day School from the ground up before starting a business of her own, now leading three successful programs. She is Head of School Operations.

Dennis Eldridge is Owner/Secretary/Treasurer of our school. Dennis is a proud alumnus of NC State University and was in Business Administration and Quality Control at Cone for 30 years. He is Head of Financial and Building Operations at Brookhaven. Christy and Dennis have been together since they were nineteen!

Their daughter, Erin Johnson, is an Assistant Director with 15 years experience in Early Childhood/Kindergarten, and a proud alumna of Appalachian State University. Erin and Christy are curriculum developers, and give teachers lessons plans that ensure students are successful in their Elementary school years due to the innovative, creative and academic curriculum used and developed at Brookhaven only (second to none). Parents come back to visit and tell us about their success after attending our school.

Their son, Cameron Eldridge, is a Group leader/Lead Teacher of After School/Summer Camp and Head of Food Prep with 12 years experience. He is very sports-oriented and loves golf, basketball and fishing. He loves working with the After School age.

The School is Privately Owned & Operated by Christy & Dennis Eldridge.

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