Social Goals
Have a positive attitude toward learning because each day is unique.
Share and take turns through respect for self and others.
Take responsibility for self and personal belongings.
Have a genuine care and concern for each other and their feelings.
Social Development
Encourage respect for others by positive reinforcement, redirection and setting clear limits that are age appropriate.
Offer daily activities in social play, such as creative arts, imaginary or dramatic play, and building or making something together.
Emotional Goals
Give children greeting at the beginning of the day to let them know they are an important part of the class.
Encourage positive separation from home to school by having enticing items out when they walk into the classroom.
Emotional Development
Offer group time activities where children and teachers share ideas and thoughts about their life experiences and the day ahead.
Plan fun and unique activities so your child will learn to enjoy school. Use helpers to promote self-esteem. Teach children responsibility.
Physical Goals
Offer the children a place to release energy and get an adequate amount of exercise during the school day.
Encourage children to be active during outdoor play.
Physical Development
The daily schedule should consist of thirty minutes of outdoor play in the morning and thirty minutes in the afternoon (for all day).
Encourage climbing, sliding, riding, using gross motor skills. Have alternative activities planned if bad weather arises.
Fine motor skills are encouraged through painting, gluing, cutting with scissors, working with manipulatives or block building.
Spiritual Goals
Character Education programs teaching good social and moral values.
Spiritual Development
We offer a child-friendly Chapel on Mondays in the Multi Purpose Room. Chapel is optional. Development will be encouraged through moral-based stories and songs.
Character Education and Life Skills programs are taught in the classrooms to enhance this development.
Intellectual Goals
Instill a love for learning in our children.
Teach a level of high quality education which is age appropriate.
Expose children to extracurricular fine arts activities.
Build self-esteem in each child's abilities.
Intellectual Development
Make learning unique by exposing children to hands-on exploration.
A variety of resources can be used for encouragement such as visual aids, educational materials and equipment. Exposure to reading books and elaborate on storytelling every day.
Most of all, teach the children to have fun with each learning experience!
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