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Parent Testimonials

Please read testimonials from current and past parents at Brookhaven Country Day School

Brookhaven has been the best decision we have ever made for our son Jack’s education. Our son is in the Kindergarten program and has been attending Brookhaven for 3+ years. Every year his teachers have been so supportive, loving, and caring. They truly care about their students and it gives us so much comfort in knowing that our son is in the right place with the right people. They continue to exceed our expectations every year. The owners go above and beyond for their teachers, parents, and students. The staff is always pleasant, respectful, and communicates very well to the parents about their children. The facility is well organized and very clean so that they can keep illnesses down to a minimum. Our son loves coming to Brookhaven and will be saddened to leave there full time. That is why we are enrolling in their after school program!


My husband and I are so pleased that we chose to send our son to Brookhaven Country Day School. After touring several preschools in the area, we chose Brookhaven because of the school-like structure of the facility and large, kid-friendly classrooms and play areas. We love how the school mimics what a “real” elementary school experience will be like once our son enters a formal education setting. The administration, teachers, and staff are all professional, friendly, and most importantly – caring to the children. We enjoy seeing the artwork and crafts sent home each day and like the daily progress report as well. Before his third birthday, our son can count to 20, recite the letters of the alphabet, identify colors in English and Spanish, as well as sing countless nursery rhymes and songs. Our son loves going to school at Brookhaven and has flourished in his intellectual and social skills since his enrollment. We highly recommend Brookhaven Country Day School to families looking to enroll their children in a high-quality preschool.


I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Ms. Jessica for her outstanding dedication to the children and her representation of Brookhaven. Because I rarely do pick up, I don’t typically have an opportunity to meet Liam’s teachers. For me, Ms. Jessica was the person I would hand my child off to. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to Jessica for her unwavering personality. She consistently welcomed us with a smile and happy demeanor. You could not have asked for a better person to represent your company to those that arrive early. Kudos to a well-run organization. I will always encourage friends and family to consider you all for child care. I assure you, you will see the boys many times in the future.


Our 3 and 5 year old sons have attended Brookhaven Country Day School since they were 18 months old. As parents, the decision of where to send your children to school is a difficult one as you want to ensure that you send them to the best. Our decision of sending our boys to Brookhaven has been just that – the best! The atmosphere is friendly and very family oriented. The teachers are loving and nurturing, but have also challenged our boys to be independent and be good friends to their peers and community. The classrooms are bright and clean and full of natural light, and the children are exposed to lots of hands-on learning opportunities on a daily basis. We are amazed at how much our boys have learned and while we may not be full ready to let go of our 5 year old, we know he is more than ready for kindergarten because of Brookhaven. He is writing  and reading, and is enjoying it. We have recommended Brookhaven to several friends and co-workers and will continue to do so.


Thank you so much for all that the two of you have done for our daughter. From accepting her into the Brookhaven family under difficult circumstances until her last day as a student at your wonderful school, she has had the most positive experiences. She has made new friends, been taught by the best teachers, had lots of fun, learned new and exciting things, and, from what I understand, eaten the best pizza in the whole world (thanks Papa Dennis!). Please know that we will be forever grateful for all that you have done for our daughter. But, most of all, we will always be thankful for the love you, and your staff, have bestowed upon her. We wish you well as you continue to positively influence the lives of children! We will miss you greatly!


When we transitioned our boys from preschool into all day care, we were really worried about how we would handle the transition. Brookhaven made the transition seamless and easy!  We were so thankful that our sons loved their new school and teachers!  They made new friends instantly and loved all the fun programs Brookhaven offers! We are so grateful for Brookhaven!