Visuals for Learning

Flashcards, games, circle time activities, pocket charts, worksheets and an overhead projector will be used as visuals when teaching recognition. All of the above enhance math and reading skills.

Math Manipulatives

Hands-on manipulatives like counters, blocks, pegboards, lacing beads, themed-numbered laminate boards and matching objects will be used when teaching pre-math and math skills.


Books, puppets, flannel boards, magnetic boards, worksheets and listening centers will be used when teaching pre-reading and reading skills.

Science Exploration

Use of magnifying glasses, microscopes, scales to weigh, clipboards to record, test tubes, eyedroppers, color paddles, rulers, mirrors, prisms, experiments and investigating will be a focus!

Classroom Techniques

Rotating Centers – Exploration – Identifying & Classifying

Music, Art and Storytelling – DAILY

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