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Education Through Creation

Brookhaven is very proud of the extra curricular activities that we offer in the afternoons. The children are offered a hands on activity that engages them either physically or socially or both! Also, a “Teach ‘N Do” visual skill sheet is offered. We learn about the theme of the visual, then use our fine motor skills with coloring or writing or both, engaging them intellectually!

Below is the curriculum we base our activity plans on. We have decided to mix it up and not designate a particular day for each, so we can really have fun with our holidays, special occasions, and units that help us learn and explore!

SPEAKING SPANISH! – Our little Amigos will experience Spanish through colors, numbers, shapes, food and people!

JUMPING GEOGRAPHY/WONDERFUL WORLD! – Our little Tourists will travel around our wonderful world experiencing many special places, animals, cultures and more. We will explore the earth and its environments.

DELIGHTFUL DRAMA/STORYBOOK THEATRE! – Our little Picassos/Actors will explore with props, plays and puppets! Stories will come to life as we act out our favorite books, pretend with puppets, explore in a tent or a make believe jungle.

LINKING LITERATURE/READING ROCKS! – Our little Einsteins will link literature with Health, Social Studies, and fantastic stories, as we encourage the love of reading, and sometimes even “cooking” up a story!

SCIENCE & NATURE – Our little Scientists will explore science and nature with microscopes, magnifying glasses, scales, rulers and even test tubes. We may cut open a pumpkin, go on a seed safari or watch some caterpillars turn into butterflies. Experimenting and exploring!

MATH MATTERS! – Our little Professors will experience a math program that gets us on our feet counting, clapping, and singing. Who knew counting could be so much fun? Did you know pre-math skills are the beginning for a great reader?

SPECIAL DAYS & CELEBRATING WAYS! – Holidays will be full of fun, as we celebrate all of the special days and times of the year!