Children who follow a daily routine and have a structured schedule know what to expect and usually feel more comfortable in that kind of environment. Consistency is also important to a child’s behavior. At times, schedules will need to be modified, but most of the time, the schedule is such that a child with specific needs will benefit from such consistencies.

Social/Developmental interaction is very important to a young child’s well being. During this time, much is being offered:

  • Being with friends and making choices
  • Exploring how things work together
  • Learning to share and cooperate as a team
  • Becoming responsible and independent
  • Coping with different personalities and how to respond

Group/Structured time is also very important to a child’s mental development. During this time, the children are:

  • Learning how to sit still and focus
  • Elaborating on specific subjects or topics
  • Sharing ideas, feelings and experiences
  • Learning how to speak in turn
  • Listening attentively in order to learn

Children with structured school and home environments learn to identify with specific instructions and handle boundaries with confidence.

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