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Vision & Purpose

Our curriculum was developed to prepare your child, both academically and socially, for a successful and rewarding educational path. Brookhaven graduates have proven the success of our program. Elementary school teachers recognize their talents and base foundation for a bright future.


Our goal is to prepare your child for a smooth transition, academically and socially, each school year. We hope families will make memories together while attending our school, and spread words to the community of the school’s success and warm environment.


Children come first and are our primary focus. We believe a quality program partners with the whole family. The first years of a young child are when the brain develops at its fastest pace, and the early social experiences of a young child are important. As early childhood professionals, we know children must be given opportunities that will enrich and enhance the child’s language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development. We believe that children are gifts, and should be appreciated as the unique individuals that they are.


Our purpose is to provide a high quality, educational program for children ages one through five. Our early childhood, Pre-K and Kindergarten classes expose children to a developmentally appropriate curriculum of:
  • language
  • reading
  • math
  • science
  • computers
  • Spanish
  • health
  • art
  • music
  • physical education

Teaching Style

Brookhaven Country Day School will seek to provide a fun, academic, hands-on learning environment. Our teaching style is loving and nurturing in a non-pressured format. Children are taught in the context of a kind environment with positive role models. Good social and moral values will be encouraged as well as kindness and respect for one another, which is also encouraged in our Chapel on Mondays for three & up.

Admission Policy

No child will be refused admission based on race or religion. Due to a lack of special education training among our staff, the program cannot meet specific needs in regard to mental or physical disabilities. We do not accept children with illnesses that may be contagious.