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All in one HR software app save your time

JupiterX allows your users to experience your product and progress at their own pace – no more pausing or rewinding.

Capture feedback from many sources

Effortlessly gather feedback from diverse channels with ease. Capture insights and opinions from a variety of sources, empowering comprehensive and informed decision-making.

“The simplicity is only surpassed by the result.Excellent product!”

Sarah Johnson

Marketing Manager

Extract product insights in your inbox

Receive valuable product insights directly to your inbox. Extract key information effortlessly, allowing you to stay informed and make data-driven decisions conveniently.

“Engagement is generally much higher on JupiterX vs. images and videos, and we’re able to run small tests quite easily.”

John Doe


Time of attendance

Track attendance time effortlessly. Monitor and manage attendance records accurately, helping streamline time-related processes.

“We’ve loved using JupiterX to spice up our socials and add interactive website”

Joanna Petrove